UFO CLOUD, all locks under your control

UFO CLOUD, all locks under your control

Serrature Meroni is proud to introduce UFO CLOUD as a premier to the European market at the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover (stand F40 hall 13).

The 1st cloud security lock in the sector!

UFO CLOUD is the new cloud lock for the security of LCVs doors. It is the result of 10 years of European leadership in the sector and of the know-how built by Meroni in over 70 years in the business of “mechanical closure systems” design and manufacturing.

UFO CLOUD has been designed on the base of our customers and partners’ real needs. The product mechanical performances and the technological innovation aim to ease the daily use and at any interaction and management level (from craftsmen and courier drivers up to fleet managers).

UFO CLOUD is an extremely versatile and stout product: the mechanical device is based on UFO3 lock and the electronics relies on Sclak technology.

From the mechanical point of view, UFO CLOUD proposes the main and proven security features of UFO MERONI locks such as the strong hardened steel body, the convenient auto-locking system and an unrivalled design.

From the electronics point of view, UFO CLOUD is a breaking news. Based on the state-of-the-art and reliable Sclak technology, the product is unique and none of the electronic system, developed for the LCVs door security until today, deploys such a range of innovative features:


Based on SHA256, the crypted communication protocol created by NSA


Virtual key-chain, dedicated APP and dashboard, for an easy opening and management


Monitor and track openings, remotely authorize people and set access levels to the staff


A unique APP to manage an entire ecosystem of locks other than the ones installed on a van. The ecosystem can be a building or a vast infrastructure of remote locations. Meroni has a complete and unique opening solution range, covering any need: entrance gates, shutters and doors, vending machines, lockers, electrical cabinets, etc.

Tools Tagging

Manage the van content and verify through active or passive tags that what you need is on board. Check if the list of “must-have working tools” is complete. If not, a special event will alert you.

UFO CLOUD has a full range of optional tools design to customize and enhance the product:


Manage and track the van opening and closing activities directly with the additional immobilizer, thanks to the APP or the Bluetooth remote controller


Monitor any dynamic information of the vehicles through a special device:  GPS position, consumption, average speed and much more


Dedicated to sharing service. Easily retrieve or leave the keys in the dedicated area inside the cab. Thanks to the APP and the QR code, open the van locks. UFO fleet-box and UFO tag provide the complete control of locks. The ideal solution for any fleet manager.

Thanks to UFO CLOUD, a fleet manager can:

  • assign virtual keys and associate users/locks
  • set up time frames: i.e. the lock can be opened by a user/list of users, only from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., on working days
  • set geographical limits: the user/driver can open a specific lock only nearby the area pre-set by the fleet manager
  • much more

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