Mechanical locks for furniture

Series 21

Cylinders length from 16 to 30 mm
3 types of cylinders: standard, rebated, with knob
Available up to 100 different key-changes (KD). Master key possibility (MK)

Series 22

Cylinders length from 20 to 30 mm
Available up to 450 different key-changes (KD). Master key possibility (MK)

Series M-F

3 types of locks: screw-on lock, mortise lock, bore-in lock
Many accessories availables (Series F)

Series O

Series 26

Series 2A

Series 2B

Series 10

Series 10 is a wide range of combination locks to cover all applications and functions in the world of wood, metal and glass furniture.
Most of the locks are available with plastic cover and knob (standard line) or metal cover (design line) and a knob with ergonomic grooves an easy grip; it features a flat glossy nickel cylinder.
The combination locks are provided with a maintenance key for a simple secret code recovery. Each lock can be set in multi-user or single-user option.