Mechanical door knobs


Forma is the modern design knob-set which allows to open a door by simply pushing a linear button. Its core, as in Nova, is the time-tested and efficient PremiApri mechanism. Perfect in essential and elegant environments as offices and public buildings.


The latest addition to the range of PremiApri knobs is Combina. Created with the POLI.Design-Politecnico of Milan, Combina reinterprets in an innovative way the concept, the shape and the ergonomics of Nova knob.


Nova knob is a great timeless classic of Italian design, renowned all over the world and on the market since many decades. The first of Meroni knobs to integrate the PremiApri mechanism, it has been designed and patented in the '70s.


Pigio is a unique design handle, an easy-to-use opening system thanks its wide actionable surface and its push&pull mechanism: it can be operated in the traditional way or with any part of the body.

Series KFN