Meroni Technology: shaping the future of smart locks

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Meroni Technology: shaping the future of smart locks

The new website of Meroni Technology is now online.

The website showcases the cutting-edge smart locks line by Meroni Technology, a branch of Serrature Meroni focused on smart locks and cloud solutions. The website offers a quick overview of the main applications and suggests the potential integration of all smart locks to create any size IoT ecosystem.

This range is capable of meeting the main access control needs in a simple, intuitive, and flexible way: from home gate to entrance door or lockers sharing and management. The solutions fit in any environment, be it private or public.

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An entire section is dedicated to our smart locker solution, DiLo. A recently born product which has already taken its place among the icons of Serrature Meroni. It is a Made in Italy, mechatronic knob controlled and managed via APP.


In addition to its tech-core by Sclak, DiLo stands out for its unique design, the result of Alessandro Stabile’s creative concept and Meroni excellence in bespoke solutions for the furniture sector.

Find out more on each device in the “products” section or discover the “starter kit“, a proposal for pioneering our smart locks ecosystem: three essential products to start the smartification of a private house, office space, or shop. The starter kit is now available to architects, designers, furniture manufacturers, and distributors.

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