Imagine a keyless life, live it with DiLo!

Imagine a keyless life, live it with DiLo!

DiLo the perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality

Serrature Meroni presents the new electronic lock for furniture and lockers, specifically designed for innovative working spaces, co-working and smart office, where the concept of “shared and flexible” ousts “static and personal space”.
The new concept is re-inventing office furniture but also users’ needs and space experience.

DiLo is the closure system conceived for these new “shared and flexible” spaces where IoT and new technologies rule because of the real advantages they are able to grant in the new environments.

The advantages include costs decrease (ex. building automation), upgraded user service and experience (ex. find and reserve a free desk remotely or desks that adapt the height according to user pre-defined settings), keyless furniture (ex. the desk drawers and temporary locker managed by DiLo).

The system consists of the knob, flush when closed and manually operable when released through the management APP, downloadable and installable on any iOS and Android smartphone.

From the aesthetics and functional point of view, the knob is pleasant, design rich and it has an anti-vandal function when closed and flush. The product has been developed by Meroni’s R&D office and designed by Alessandro Stabile:
“I’ve tried to conceive an object that, thanks to its clean aesthetics, could represent the conjunction ring between the mechanical world (represented by the dodecagon section, at the base of the knob) and the digital one (represented by the frontal circular section). The transition between the two geometric figures is gradual, the edges generated by the dodecagon offer a good grip for rotation, but once closed, all the technology is hidden behind the extreme rigorousness of the circle. ”

From the technological point of view, as any access controll system, DiLo features different access levels and users’ credentials (installer, manager, owner, guest).
Any level allows the use of specific characteristics and privileges, data and settings. Thanks to a user-friendly and intuitive APP interface, configuration and user management is really simple.
DiLo is wireless and connected to the smartphone via bluetooth; it is extremely secure since the APP – a virtual keychain – is based on Sclak technology and developed on the  SHA2, a crypted communication protocol by NSA.

“I just invent, then wait until man comes around to needing what I’ve invented.”
– R. Buckminster Fuller –

The time for a keyless world has come, the need for DiLo too!


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