Combina, the new door knob by Serrature Meroni

Combina, the new door knob by Serrature Meroni

In cooperation with Serrature Meroni introduces its new door knob Combina.

The first outcome of an interesting and brand new collaboration between the Politecnico of Milano and the Italian company will be presented at “FuoriSalone” in Milano, within the event “That’s Design”.

Serrature Meroni, the Italian leader in the segment of office furniture locks and manufacturer of the well-known Nova, Forma and Pigio door knobs, will present at the FuoriSalone of Milano, April 16th -21st, the new Combina, the knobset “with an idea on top”.

This is an especially significant event. It marks the launch of a new product, the first one since the start of the company structural renewal in the last two years and a new and fruitful collaboration with POLI.Design: Consortium of the Politecnico of Milano. The institution focuses on applied research, training and publishing aimed at spreading the culture of design both nationally and internationally.


The production process that has lead to Combina brings about something very special and new.
All started from a question, an intriguing question for designers: to create a new door knob able to satisfy the increasingly strong market request for new solutions. A request for modern and integrated design, a wide choice of colours and finishes, the possibility of changing look on a later stage and offer the opportunity of a product on demand. accepted the challenge and structured a team of 12 young designers, coordinated by three professors, well known and appreciated professionals themselves. The project path evaluated the problem on a 360-degree perspective, thus singling out all sensitive issues: from setting changes for Meroni knobset (offices, schools, hospitals, airports and stations), to the identification of new application areas. This new interaction model has proven to be effective.

Among the various projects presented, three have been brought to development stage.
The first one to reach now the market is Combina, one of its pluses being the use of the well-known PremiApri mechanism, the well tested core of the Nova line for the last 35 years. A new and revolutionary knob, for its attitude to respond to project objectives and its flexibility to be composed in various ways: a personality perfectly portrayed in the launch communication strategy managed by the emerging visual designer of Visualmade.

What will be introduced at FuoriSalone 2008 is just the beginning of a new journey which will bring Serrature Meroni to present in the next few months further innovative and alternative opening systems, different from the traditional lever handle.
Design but also technology innovation, both on product and manufacturing applications. Greater attention to ergonomics, both in assembling and usage. This represents a big step ahead in flexibility and customisation.

The outcome of this cooperation, both on project research and innovation is more than positive. We are now confidently waiting the market to grant young designers and University the same trust that a truly Made in Italy company like Serrature Meroni did.


Combina is thus the first outcome of the cooperation between Meroni and (designers: Valentina Lollio, Alberto Manzoni, Tiziana Ciccarella, Andrea Gallo, Valentina Rivieccio).. The simplest but also the smartest in its own way, since it reinterprets in a ground-breaking way the concept, shape and ergonomics of the knob that has been opening doors throughout the world for the last 35 years.
What in the Nova line was a push button has been transformed: in Combina the whole swinging upper part works as wide cap. To activate the PremiApri mechanism and open the door it is simply necessary to hold the knob and press gently: the ergonomics turns out to be even easier and absolutely intuitive.
Furthermore, this cap will be available in a wide range of colours and finishes (customisable on request) to match to the lower body (also manufactured in various finishes) according to individual preferences. It will also be interchangeable and offer a brand new feature: changing the look of the knob by a very simple replacement.


Fully compatible with the Nova line and as easy as Nova to be installed, COMBINA will be available in 3 different lines.

Suitable to every interior setting, the knobsets of this line offer the simplest and fastest choice. Four colors – in white, black and grey shades – for the wide upper cap and four matt finishes for the body (in metal or resin): plain elegance is always at ease.

Cheerful, modern and always up-to-date, the knobsets of this line can speak the language of your settings. Ten eco-compatible colors for the wide upper cap and four matt finishes for the metal body can be combined just as you like. It has never been so easy to be trendy.

As open as your mind, this knobset creatively draws a new concept of “line”. Materials, finishes and colors, can be completely decided according to customers’ wishes, to personalize and fully adapt in every minor detail the door knob to its settings.

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