Combilocks: the new combination locks by Serrature Meroni

Combilocks: the new combination locks by Serrature Meroni

The Serie 10:  the new Serrature Meroni’s offer to securely close and locks cabinets and lockers

The wide range of combination locks (10 Series) by Serrature Meroni is the solution to securely and easily close cabinets and lockers in gym changing rooms and in SPAs, in public buildings, in schools and hospitals: for any place where a combination lock is an added value in terms of service and in terms of convenience since keys or padlocks are not necessary.

Wood, glass or metal: a lock for any material

Meroni’s combination locks are flexible closing systems: the same lock can be set to work in a public mode (default setting) or in a personal mode, according to the requirements of a specific application. The public version is the solution for multi-user furniture (as lockers gyms or public buildings) while the personal version is suitable for furniture with private or limited access and studied for single-user applications (as school lockers, office drawers, jewelries or electronics shop exhibitors).

Find out more on the Combilocks Meroni website.

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