Brianza invests in human capital

Foto di gruppo Serrature Meroni

Brianza invests in human capital

The historic Italian brand Serrature Meroni has changed hands, being bought up by a group of employees from the company, together with the third generation of the Meroni family and a new partner in Thailand. After ten years of being run by a finance team, we are back in business here in Brianza with courage and vision. Focusing on manufacturing, by exploring alternative and unprecedented business models.

PRESS RELEASE – Monza and Brianza province, 17 March  2014 – In a truly surprise move, the historic brand Serrature Meroni, leader in the field of locks and locking systems, which was founded and nurtured in the Brianza district, has passed into the hands of a highly unusual entrepreneurial teamwith a love for manufacturing rather than just for finance, embracing a new industrial vision based on production. The main drivers of this change were the workers and the company management team, along with the Meroni family who – confidently aware of the value of a manufacturing company that has managed to maintain its vision based on quality, in spite of all the vicissitudes of recent Italian history – have decided to take the field after coming up with a very unusual corporate formula.

Basing the new company on three almost equal components – the workers/management team, the Meroni family and the Thai partner, Mr. Suvichai – the new corporate team has generated a mini-revolution, with one eye on the solid tradition of the company and the other on the future. It is not every day that a group of employees and managers decides to invest in their work to promote and revive a company, just as it is rare to attempt to keep the manufacturing base going on Italian soil. Indeed, the new Asian partner has no connection whatsoever with any plan to relocate production.

“In the company, we felt that the time was ripe for a re-appropriation of our industrial and entrepreneurial past, after years of a merely finance-based approach,” says CEO Massimo Margareci, leader of the team that came up with and then carried through the operation. “So we decided to get involved, as we felt that the two sides were close and we knew we could engage them in a long-term project.” On one side the Meroni family, who have been left with a minority stake and who are now back in the workforce, with a third generation made up exclusively of women, on the other an industrial partner, Serrature Meroni’s main Thai supplier, with whom we have been working closely since 2005, and who will be playing a highly strategic role in terms of manufacturing synergies and the opening of new markets, especially in the Far East.”

Our company has been operating for almost 70 years, so we refuse to let it be at stake, which also goes for the jobs of the 100 employees – a wealth of irreplaceable experience,” continued Margareci. “Suffice it to say that the group who have decided to acquire a stake – in essence, all the leaders of the various company departments – is made up of people from all the major divisions in the company: production, administration, salesThey include people who have arrived in recent years, as well as people who were trained professionally at Serrature Meroni and have been working here for decadesThe latter represent the continuity of a manufacturing history that we refuse to see crushed by short-term logic.”

As we strive to protect our human heritage and the know-how that we have built up over the decades, indispensable prerequisites for maintaining the quality levels that have always been associated with Serrature Meroni, the Thai partner’s entry is of huge added value, setting the scene for an unprecedented form of industrial management for the company.

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