Antibacterial door knob and handle: Pigio and Combina

pigio combina antibacterial antibatterici

Antibacterial door knob and handle: Pigio and Combina

Two proposals able to reduce the transmission of pathogens in communities, crowded places and intense flow spaces.

In this moment experts, media and authorities jointly underline that hygienic-sanitary standards have to be reinforced in order to prevent microorganisms diffusion: first of all by avoiding the contact with contaminated objects snd surfaces and by washing hands often.

In this perspective, handles and knobs in crowded public spaces are among the objects most frequently touched and by many people. The special products in antibacterial version – Pigio, the push-pull handle and Combina, the design knob – are the solution that Serrature Meroni has conceived to limit or erase the diffusion of pathogens.

The best choice for the application on doors in offices, schools, hospitals, airports and public places in general.

Pigio: antibacterial door handle

PIGIO is the first European lock to obtain CE EN 179 certification, making it fit even to emergency exits and its mechanism allows the door to be opened simply by pushing or pulling the handle even with your elbow or hip.

Combina: antibacterial door knob

COMBINA is available in a special antibacterial version thanks to its innovative polymer, perfectly inert from the microbiological point of view and, together with Pigio, is the perfect solution for all those common areas where hygiene and prevention play a determinant role.

Two solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s world: harmonizing form and function makes the difference when you look for quality solutions.

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